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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why can't the alarm be played in silent mode (ringer off) ?

Because of Apple restrictions.


2.Why is the alarm sound only 30 seconds

Apple restrictions.


3. Can I turn off my phone while using Wake Up Buddy ?

No, The app will not work if your device is turned off.


4.Does the alarm function work when my screen is locked ?

Yes, Wake Up Buddy will continue to function normally even if the app is runing in the background


5. If I pay for the premium features, is this a one time payment ?

Yes. Unlocking the Premium features is a one time payment, no subscription needed.


6. Why is the alarm not playing properly ?

You need to manually change your settings. Go to:

Settings->Notification Centre -> Wake Up Buddy .

Change the notification type from 'banner' to 'alerts'


7. I walked the rquired number of steps but the wake-up check still played?

This may happen due to couple of reasons. First, you may accidentally terminated teh app.

Termination of the app will not allow the app to count your steps.

Secondly, you may have deniep aa permissions.

To rectify this go to settings->Wake Up Buddy

Enable 'Motion & Fitness'